Past Global Changes (PAGES) Open Science Meeting

The theme of the May 2017 PAGES meeting in Zaragoza is Global Challenges for our Common Future: a paleoscience perspective. The aim is to discuss and define the role of past global change science in the coming years. Abstract submissions are now invited. These include a session convened by me (Althea Davies) with Nicki Whitehouse (Plymouth Uni.) and Jane Bunting (Hull Uni.) entitled Palaeoecological perspectives on the role of animals in community dynamics and trophic interactions. Palaeoecology often focuses on lower trophic levels (plants, diatoms), but recent work on the effects of megafaunal extinctions on ecosystem structure and function shows the potential for a more integrated approach to the study of trophic systems over longer timescales. See the session outline (it’s no. 29) and full session list here:

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