New book on applied palaeoecology

Although palaeoecologists have published papers on the relevance of long-term data to conservation for over 20 years, a book that brings together examples and relates them to contemporary conservation issues for a non-technical audience is long overdue. Biodiversity Conservation & Environmental Change: Using Palaeoecology to Manage Dynamic Landscapes in the Anthropocene, by palaeoecologist Lindsey Gillson, was published by Oxford University Press earlier this year. Key arguments are developed through a series of case studies, beginning with an example that Gillson knows well: managing elephant habitat and populations in African parks and reserves, followed by chapters based around extinction and rewilding, fire management, climate change, ecosystem services and cultural landscapes. This is an accessible teaching resource, with a full reference list. A review of the book, written by Althea Davies, will be available in the forthcoming issue of Trends in Ecology & Evolution:

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